Dewalt D25899K 21lb Max Demo Hammer Review


Dewalt is a renowned brand of power and hand tools that are handy for carrying out various construction, manufacturing and woodworking tasks. The tools of this brand are used around the world and have surely made the work of several industries a lot easier. Recently, I had an encounter with this brand’s latest product- 21 lbs SDS max demo hammer and would like to share my experience with all of you through my detailed review of this particular product.

As the name suggests, this particular hammer is tailor-made to carry out demolition tasks i.e. it is not a drilling machine. In fact, this particular hammer is designed for carrying out several applications such as chasing, demolition and chipping. According to the company, this one hammer works great on masonry materials like stone, concrete and bricks. Carrying out demolition and chipping task requires a lot of power and I feel that Demo Hammer has it all because it is equipped with 14 amp motor which even provides overload protection.

When I first came across this product, the first thing I noticed was its unique and user friendly design. This 31.5 inches long product weighs almost 30 pounds and has an attractive yellow-black body which definitely looks durable. This hammer has a unique on/off rocker switch which allows the user to operate this machine with single finger, something that is not available in other similar products. In order to make the handling of the product even easier for the user, there is a large rubber handle at the end of the hammer that can be operated with 1 or 2 hands.

I have used a number of demolition machines earlier and the most common limitation of all the machines was that they got filled with dust and dirt particles when they were used for demolition purposes and this hindered their performance considerably. However to my surprise, the performance of demo hammer didn’t get affected in any way by the dust because it has a pumping beat which is non-air piece that eliminates the dust which usually enters via internal parts of unit and seal life. This feature definitely adds to the longevity of the demo hammer, thus making it a wonderful product.

Apart from having a dust resistant feature, this demo hammer possesses spring loaded dust seals which again ensure longer tool life and better performance of this powerful product. Adjusting the chisel of the demolition hammer often gives a tough time to the person carrying out demolition or chipping task, however in order to remove this obstruction Dewalt has installed one-stop chisel rotation in this 21lb Max Demo Hammer which allows the user to swiftly change and adjust the chisel without wasting much of one’s time and energy.

After using this product for carrying out several tasks, I can definitely say that this is one of the most powerful and user-friendly demo hammers for masonry tasks available in the market today. Though priced highly at $657, this product definitely delivers what it assures to its customers.

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