Dewalt D25960K 40lb Breaker Hammer Review


Earlier demolition was considered to be an intricate job but with change in time and new equipment, this complex process has simplified. These smart demolition equipment are potent enough to take out a noticeably large amount with assurance of clean and secure demolition. Not to forget the time aspect, these powerful machines take considerably less time in comparison to the same job done manually. This multifaceted job of excavating and breaking concrete is carried out by specific profound and powerful equipment kits that are specially produced for digging works and heavy-duty hammer also called demolition hammers are used to successfully complete it.

The DEWALT D25960K Hammer Kit is one of such kits designed for the demolition process. Consciously created with unmatched high technology, theses highly durable hammers are featured as heavy-duty, long-lasting and wear resistant spare parts that fit all sorts of hydraulic rock breakers, pistons, tie rods, tool retainers, wear bushes and diaphragm. They can effortlessly be used in situation of severe abrasion and for breaking heavy objects. The spares in these hammers that commonly come into utilization are lower bush, tie rods, etc.


The company is approximately a century old in designing and manufacturing top-notch equipments for the massive construction industry.  The prominent DEWALT brand corresponds to innovation, improvement and reliability. With Guaranteed hard-hitting tools the brand surpasses the expectations of professional tradesmen and building contractors. The brand is well reputed for the commitment of providing finest quality products in terms of safety and durability.
About DEWALT D25960K Hammer Kit

Features and specifications: the hammer’s dimensions are 41.3 x 14.4 x 9.4 inches and weighs approximately 67.6 pounds.

Active Vibration Control feature: The Active vibration control feature in this hammer is due to the shocks used in the manufacturing that reduces the vibrations up to almost half of the total vibrations produced. This powerful tool is unique as it produces more power with lesser amount of noise than the contenders. This innovative feature is highly comfortable and productive for the users as well as from the environment point of view. 

 30-Feet Pound Force: This particular Hammer model is created with the feature to provide energy impact up to thirty Feet Pound and up to one thousand four hundred and sixty (1460) BPM that offers significant power increase but with no indulgence of power during vibration. This maximizes the performance and safety.

15 Amp Motor: Equipped with 15 AMP motor, this particular machine offers maximum power up to 1600 watts and protection in case of overloading.

Soft start and Rubber coated handles: The soft start enables the user to maintain its control while working with it. And the handles are purposely rubber coated that would provide a great comfort and help controlling the machine. It has an additional wheeled kit box that endow with storage.

The warranty feature: Last but not the least, the most attractive feature the machine comes with a 3year warranty. So, if in case any breakdown takes place within the warranty duration, it is subject to return of entire kit.

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