Dewalt D25980KB Pavement Breaker/Breaker Hammer Review


Breaking pavements or concrete was never an easy task, however with the launch of DEWALT D25980KB Pavement Breaker with Hammer Truck and Steel, this tedious task seems a lot easier and hassle-free for sure. This new Dewalt product promises to make road, sidewalk and pavement demolition along with basement water-proofing and ground-rod driving tasks a lot easier. This pavement breaker comes with an AVC or the Anti-Vibration system, a powerful 15 amp motor, an electronic soft starts that increases productivity and gives maximum performance due to the presence of 61 ft. lbs impact energy. Whether this product outperforms its contemporaries or not, let us see in our in-depth product review.

A Dewalt product

Dewalt is certainly the most reputed and renowned manufacturer and supplier of power tools along with woodworking and other professional tools. All the products supplied by Dewalt are made from premium quality raw-material and use the most robust technology in order to make the task of manufacturing and construction a lot easier and simpler. DEWALT D25980KB Pavement Breaker with Hammer Truck and Steel is another innovative and powerful tool from this global power tool manufacturer that is loaded with latest technology and accessories.

Distinctive features- The Active Vibration Control System and ease of handling

The most common problem with power tools especially the ones used for demolition purposes is that they are not handy and extremely hard to control. However breaking through the traditional notions, this pavement breaker from Dewalt proves extremely handy as a person carrying the demolition or digging task can operate it easily using a single hand. This product even has rubber coated handles at the top that provide great comfort and control to the user.

A powerful machine having a 15 amp motor is bound to make a lot of noise and vibration during its usage; however DEWALT D25980KB is equipped with Active Vibration Control System that reduces vibration during work by approximately 70%. Lower vibration would imply lower noise levels, which means the user gets a comfortable environment to carry out his demolition work.

Product description

Dewalt D25980KB weighs 164 pounds which makes it quite heavier than its contemporaries but in order to extract power, one surely needs a powerful product like this one. The product’s exact dimensions are 51X24X19.5 inches but is extremely easy to operate as it comes with not one but 2 handles. No batteries are required to operate this power tool as it comes with a long cord along with an integral cord-wrap for safely storing the cord after usage. Other notable accessories of the Dewalt D25980KB are 2 bull-point chisels, 2 flat chisels, 1 flat foot plate and 1 pegged foot plate for hammer truck.


The most wonderful thing about this power loaded D25980KB pavement breaker from Dewalt is the warranty that it comes with. Yes friends, apart from giving such great features and accessories, Dewalt offers not 1, 2 but 3 years limited warranty with this product. This warranty is like a surety that Dewalt stands firm on its promise to deliver nothing but the best tools to its customers.

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