Makita HM1307CB 35-Pound Demolition Hammer Review

HM1307CB_003   To undertake the most messy and toughest task of breaking a hard, concrete wall or other robust material, one needs the strongest and most powerful tool suitable for such power-packed action. And to serve this purpose, demolition hammers were introduced that helped ease the unpleasant and energy-draining task with their versatile and unique features. Though loads of demolition hammers have been hitting the markets every now and then, the one that managed to steal the show for me is the Makita HM1307CB 35-Pound Demolition Hammer. Now, let me tell you what makes it stand out amongst the various types of hammers.

What makes it special?

It’s powerful 14 AMP motor as well as electronic speed control system delivering about 1450 BPM helps in applying additional strength and power under load for faster and more powerful demolitions thereby useful in breaking down the toughest and hardest of surfaces in less time. In addition to applying power at a consistent speed to perform the task, its variable speed control dial further, helps in adjusting the speed according to its application necessary for effective accomplishment of the work undertaken. Also, its powerful motor has been built with steel laminations in addition to dual ball bearing and large surface, copper bars that facilitates smooth transfer of energy resulting in more power and better tool life.

The LED lights of this tool serve a distinct purpose of sending warning signals helpful for prolonging the life of the tool. While the LED service light sends an indication about 8 hours prior to get the brushes replaced, the power light warns us of switch failure or cord damage. These signals help in taking timely action that helps in maintaining the efficacy and functioning of the demolition tool.

The 1-1/8 inches hex steel is another feather in its cap as it makes this tool very strong for levering the spade up while digging effortlessly.

Apart from being effective, this tool is equally comfortable to use. Soft, rubberized ergonomic grips help in controlling this tool easily and conveniently and its side D- handle is flexible enough to rotate full 360 degrees for better control and performance while its in-line design provides better balance for horizontal applications. The on/off slide switch is easy to operate with one finger and promotes continuous working for long hours. Weighing just about 38 pounds, it is easy to maneuver and control useful for getting some of the challenging jobs done with ease.

The in-built mechanism of this powerful tool such as hammer goes to neutral when it is idle or automatic brush cut-off prolongs the tool life and thus, proves highly economical in the long run.

Now that I have specified how comfortable, convenient, powerful as well as efficient using this tool is, storing and carrying this hammer is also, made easy by its durable blow-molded rolling case with wheels for storing and transporting it safely to and from the demolition site.


With such unique features comes 1 year manufacturer’s warranty though I assure you this labor saving tool will serve you effectively for many more years and complete all your toughest demolitions like a piece of cake.

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