Makita HM1810X3 70lb. Breaker Hammer Review


Digging and breaking concrete was never that easy as it is now with Makita Breaker Hammer. This hard-hitting breaker hammer from Makita is built on Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) to offer users a commendable experience with comparatively less vibration. Equipped with 15 AMP motor, this hammer is one of a kind when it comes to offering impact energy and 1,110 BPM. The most attractive of all the features is the warning indicator lamp that ensures longer life of tool and mechanical brush cut-off system to protect commutator.

About Makita

Recognized and accredited worldwide for manufacturing top-notch power tool to match industry quality, Makita offers an elite collection of industrial accessories. Makita adopts pioneering innovation in building power tools, which delivers more impact energy, strength and commendable results. Headquartered in La Mirada, California, Makita USA operates a wide-ranging distribution network across United States.

Anti-Vibration Technology- the highlight of product

The Anti-Vibration Technology or simply AVT in this breaker hammer utilizes the idea of earthquake engineering and adapt it into power tools. AVT is an innovative and unique counterbalance design developed to provide a power tool to professionals in the quest of an effective hammer, which produces more power and less noise and vibration than the contenders.

The science of absorbing shocks and protecting structures from the destruction of earthquake has been developed by seismic research. The dynamic damping of this technology reciprocates the engineering where a counter balance weight or mechanical damper gives opposite and equal anti-vibration force. This force offers an equal mass just contrary to the point at which impact joules is delivered by striker bolt to recipro saw blade, carbide bit and breaker steel. With reduced vibration, the power increases significantly. With no indulgence of power during vibration, the energy generated in the motor is delivered to the tool without any loss at all.

Design and weight

This hammer comes with cylindrical tool holder, which enables drilling of new bolt holes without much effort. Moreover, the HM1810X3 hammer weighs about 70.6 pounds and features big side handles for easy handling. The switch control can be operated easily thereby ensuring more comfort and better control. To add to the convenience, this hammer has a cord of 16.4 ft and accepts hex steel shank of 1-1/8” to suit a variety of hammer accessories. The hammer cart is enhanced with convenient tubes to facilitate easy transport and accessory storage.

There can be no other tool better than HM1810X3 for breaking concrete, digging and chipping. The superior efficiency and the versatility of HM1810X3 makes it an ideal and a perfect breaker hammer for masons, remodelers, contractors, landscapers, electricians, pool installers and plumbers.


Each tool manufactured by Makita tool is tested and verified prior to bringing it to the market. Makita also gives you an opportunity to return back the product within 30 days of procurement if any problem occurs. The company provide either refund or the replacement after return.  The tool comes with one year warranty from the date of purchase. Any breakdown that takes place within this one year tenure is subject to return of complete tool or freight prepaid to Authorised service centers.

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